Generic ambien, a song of wedge against insomnia.

Sleep disorders bring with them a number of complications that go beyond the tortuous fact not being able to sleep or suffer multiple Awakenings during the night. The day the bad night’s sleep becomes a nightmare. Drowsiness, irritability, lack of concentration, stress, anxiety disorders, dizziness, muscle aches and weakness are just some of the daytime complications arising out of insomnia.
Many drugs have been tested for the treatment of this disease that ails (in varying degrees) to almost forty percent of the world’s population. Logically mild cases will not bring complications that pass to older and often solved with soft remedies such as relaxing muscle or sedatives; or even with remedies such as Linden and Valerian. But more complex cases or cause a deep physical and mental harm tended to be treated with anti-anxiety drugs and powerful sedatives that they brought a lot of adverse effects and complications of varied gravity. And indeed, many times, the remedy was worse than the disease.
Some years ago, and after a long time of research and clinical trials, was approved for sale in pharmacies to the generic Ambien, a drug composed of Zolpidem intended for the treatment of sleep disorders in general and for insomnia in particular.
This new drug is an analogue of benzodiazepines but with many fewer side effects. It is framed within the sedative hypnotics and produces a rapid effect in the brain decreasing their activity and focusing specifically on the areas related to sleep.
Naturally, as all sedative should be prescribed by the doctor, who in addition must follow the treatment and graduate completion, because this type of drugs cannot be abandoned suddenly.
Generic Ambien showed excellent results in clinical trials, having produced a considerable improvement in the quality of sleep in more than 80% of the cases studied. Its sleeping pill effect occurs in approximately 30 minutes have been taken (by what should be administered just before going to bed) and in most cases ensures about seven hours of sleep.