What is insomnia?

Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or if you do fall asleep the inability to sleep for adequate periods of time and waking up constantly, which is also called sleep deprivation.
Our body needs rest and sleep and not getting it in adequate doses could prevent your body from performing at optimum levels needed when you are awake.

Sleep is compulsory and we cannot go on for long periods of time without it, if we are in bed and are unable to sleep it could be detrimental to our long term health issues.
It has been researched that most people in the world suffer from this condition of the inability to sleep and if they work at a 9 to 6 shift it is very likely that their productivity could suffer due to this inherent factor.


The symptoms associated with insomnia are fatigue, a drastic drop in productivity, lack of concentration, tiredness, lack of enthusiasm and low energy to be proactively involved in physical activities, mood changes etc.

When such conditions affect you it may be quite a difficult to attend to your daily chores and it would be necessary to do something to get out of this situation and try to get some sleep every night and rest your body adequately so that you could perform the activities in store for the at optimum levels required.

The incidence of insomnia could also affect and increase heart beat, push the stress controlling hormone, Cortisol up and increase stress and it could lead to a host of other complications.

Home remedies to arrest insomnia

It is researched that about 25% of adults in most developed countries suffer from insomnia and a cure is still not forthcoming other than resorting to sleep assisting pills which could have long term effects in some who are prone to other diseases like, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension etc.
Refrain from taking stimulating drinks like tea, coffee, alcohol etc which would keep you awake. Tea and coffee would help you to keep awake and by drinking them at bedtime would not help your cause with insomnia if you are suffering with it.
Ensure that all the lights are switched off before you go to bed as light could disturb your sleep even the lights emitting form your tablet, laptop or television could put your brain on alert mode and refuse to rest and let you sleep.

Draw all curtains in your room and home to give you that fresh feeling in the morning and a bash of light in the morning would kick start your’ waking day.
Keep all little noises even the ticking of the clock out if you are a problematic sleeper and have issues with getting a proper night’s sleep.

When it is pitch dark we sleep better as the hormones in our body that induces sleep work better in the dark for the simple reason that it is their job to put us to sleep, and when we deprive them of their duty they in turn take it off us.

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